Vibrant colors, your wonderful ideas, and a steady-performing gadget. How does it sound to your artistic mind? Dreamy right. A creative mind doesn’t need any specific environment and place to come up with wonderful ideas. Heavy laptops can be hard to carry everywhere, that’s why you need something lightweight to boost your artistic impression.

For you, we’re here with our list of Best Surface Pro For Drawing. If you’re new to this Microsoft Surface Pro Gadget, then here is a short introduction.

Microsoft Surface Pro is a 2-in-1 detachable, designed and introduced by Microsoft. It’s a unique featured device, specifically designed by merely focused on imaginative experts. It holds the 64-bit version of the Windows 8 operating system. It also comes with a free upgrade to Windows’ latest operating systems.

We have picked the Best Microsoft Surface Pro Screens and reviewed them keenly. Keep your attention towards the end to pick up your go-to buddy. Want to do some quick purchases? You can buy our editor’s favorite elite-class Surface Pro For Drawing here.

My Top Pick…


The Microsoft Surface Pro LTE tops the list of best with its high-quality screenplay and steady performance. Ultra-light frame with portable 12.3-inch rich color display and premium quality rear and front cameras ensures higher possibilities of powerful functionality.

Why Do Artists Need to Surface Pro Screens?

This one is a legit question. Why do artists need a Surface Pro Screen? Is it beneficial for showcasing your creativity or nothing extraordinary? We’re going to give you 3 reasons to let you feel the urge to get your hands on the most favorite Surface Pro of all time.

Reason 1: Lightweight Design:

Carrying heavy weight can make you tired and also it might affect the creativity of your mind. No doubt. You need some innovative device that can provide the high-speed performance along with excellent portability. And here comes Microsoft Surface Pro with its Impressively Easy Portability. Work or draw everywhere and create Amazing Art Pieces on their wider scale with stunning colors and sharp contrasts.

Reason 2: High-class Performance:

Without good performance, a thin frame can’t get you any benefit. Its vastly improved performance includes a wider display range, powerful processors, high RAM capacity, and its amazing absurdity of rich graphics. The list is pretty impressive, and it promises to let you feel the luxurious sense of comfort and performance at a reasonable price point.

Reason 3: 2-in-1 Detachable:

Getting the benefits of 2 in 1 device always feels more enjoyable. And that’s exactly what Surface Pro is all about. It provides impressive performance of tablet and laptop in one device. Whether it’s action-packed games, installing Adobe Creative Cloud Apps, or getting a good dose of enjoyment. This amazingly designed Surface Pro calms all your hobbies wholeheartedly.

Best Surface Pro For Drawing In 2021

Don’t forget to take a glance at the comparison table of adversary 2-in-1 Workstations. It provides a deep analysis of their features and services that will surely help you to consider the best of the best.

1Microsoft Surface Pro 7● 10th Gen Intel Core i7
● 10.5 Hours
Check Price
2Microsoft Surface Pro LTE● Intel i5-7300U Processor
● 11 Hours
Check Price
3Microsoft Surface Pro 6● 8th Generation Intel Processor
● 13 Hours
Check Price
4Microsoft Surface Pro 4● ARM Processor
● 10 Hours
Check Price
5Microsoft Surface Pro (5th Gen)● Intel Core i7 Processor
● 13.5 Hours
Check Price
6Microsoft Surface Pro X● Microsoft SQ1 Processor
● 12 Hours
Check Price

Done with the comparison table? Have you already decided which one is the perfect solution? Don’t rush things around, now keep your attention straight on our detailed reviews of the best budget Surface Pro for creative artists.

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You’ll get to know every detail of these devices. So let’s keep going through this article as you’ll have excellent options to choose from.

Microsoft Surface Pro 71.) Microsoft Surface Pro 7

Designed by well-known software engineers, this Microsoft Surface Pro 7 owns all the essential functions and features an exceptional artist could ever want. Such as:

12.3-inch Touchscreen Display:

The screen 12.3-inch with PixelSense Technology offers the best slate for graphic designers. No too thick bezels are an additional benefit, as you’ll get broader views and better graphics than any other. The elegant design with a lightweight interior makes the powerful appearance of a durable gadget.

The PixelSense Technology ensures a highly sensitive touchscreen, that allows you to keep doing magic with your hands and vibrant screen. Getting in tablet mode with this efficient screen surely sounds like a perfect combo.

Excellent Adaptability:

To move forward with this fast world needs perfection and adaptive energy. That’s why this Surface Pro 7 holds amazing portability and data security. Keep your focus on your office work by its laptop mode, play enthralling games with its high-quality tablet mode or get some creativity motivation by indulging in the mini-studio.

Intel Core Processor With 8GB RAM:

See an extensive improvement in your work with its efficient and powerful performance. The 10th Gen Intel Core i7 Processor tends to make your life easier and faster by offering more threads, higher clocks, and astounding speed.

Plus, it’s considered one of the easiest processors for gaming devices. Slow performance means losing the motivation to do better. Here is the solution. The 8GB RAM device will save you from slow hinges and app lagging.

Up To 10.5 Hours Of Battery Life:

To avoid those annoying reminders of charging, the Surface Pro 7 has longer battery life. Which means more productive time for the exchange for less charge.

Unlimited Connectivity Options:

Enjoy unlimited possibilities of choice. Because this device incorporated a USB-C port along with a USB-A port to provide immersive possibilities to connect with the world.

  • Very Remarkable PC Substitution
  • Ultra-slim and Lightweight Design
  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Technology
  • Not Suitable For Gaming

Why is it on our list?

By presenting better control over minor details, it provides impressive support and comfort to the artists. As a creative artist, you’ll surely love this innovatively designed screen.

Microsoft Surface Pro LTE2.) Microsoft Surface Pro LTE

Welcome this smart Surface Pro LTE with your whole heart and a high budget. The exclusive ultra-slim design puts forward superior execution and shows quality.

Portable 12.3-inch Rich Color Display:

Who doesn’t love rich graphics and vibrant colors? Drawing revolves around stunning colors and sharp contrasts between them. The Touchscreen Display features advanced PixelSense Technology that responds to your touch immediately.

And the large-sized angle just keeps you excited and happy. Travel, explore and carry this ultra-light and adaptable device with you anywhere in the world. And experience the best execution with a higher resolution of 2736×1824 pixels. The more pixels the crisper the image you’ll have on the screen.

High-quality Rear And Front Camera:

Attending online meetings became a major daily routine in this pandemic time. The Surface Pro LTE has a front-facing webcam of 5MP and an 8MP rear cam to avoid the screen saturating during online meetings.

Be focused and confident while interacting with your clients.

Intel Core i5 i5-7300U Dual-Core Processor:

Acquire power-packed performance with this mighty Intel Core i5 Processor. That satisfies the maximum 96% requirements of a faster-performing system. Also, it helps to keep the system cooler for a prolonged period.

Drawing your creativity to doing complex compositions such as linework or colorwork will give you smooth performance with some essential factors.

Through its 8GB RAM, download Autodesk Sketchbook to sketch, Spirality for creating perfect mandalas, Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Creative Suite for intense artwork, OneNote and Microsoft Whiteboard for notes.

11 Hours Of Battery Life:

Get a long battery with Surface Pro LTE, and enjoy uninterrupted 11 hours of productivity. And here is the best part, it holds the capability of providing a lot of unplugged power with premium performance.

Impressive Connectivity:

Getting and receiving files and documents from other devices require a steady connection. Wireless Wi-Fi and Bluetooth enable you to connect and interact with the world fastly. It also has an extra port for SSD Cards.

  • Built-in Intel HD Graphics 620
  • Supports Advanced LTE
  • Has Windows 10 Pro Operating System
  • Needs A Bit More Storage

Why is it on our list?

There’s so much more in it. High-class performance is essential as it provides sufficient space to let all the essential apps work efficiently. And wireless connection is the cherry on the cake.

Microsoft Surface Pro 63.) Microsoft Surface Pro 6

A stylish freak? It’s your time to get your hands on this Microsoft Surface Pro 6 black newest version. Because of its upper-class features, it’s 2021 top-selling Surface Pro For Drawing.

Bigger Screen With HD Resolution:

Bigger screen, slim corners, and HD resolution, a demanding combo for just a seedling artist. The 12.3-inch touchscreen is feasible to operate and work on.

The wider screen with 2736×1824 pixels gives the vibes of less expensive workstations, and crisp images and videos just look magnificent.

Microsoft takes exceptional care of its customers, and with its advanced PixelSense technology, multitasking is a “walk in the park”. This technology allows multiple users to work on the screen.

Bouncier Type Cover And Pen:

Love to work in a studio, we’ll make this Surface Pro 6 a mini one. But for this, you have to spend an extra bunch of money as the keyboard and pens are sold separately.

Completing conventional processing assignments with this keyboard becomes handy, the keys feel more profound and bouncier.

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A Complete Deal-breaker Performance:

Here the brand is offering a combo package for you to experience a steady screenplay. Great for creative artists, the new 8th Generation Intel Core Processor combined with Intel HD Graphics 620, puts forward better motion control and fast media delivering and coding.

Whereas the impressive internal storage of 256GB SSD and 8GB memory holds the responsibility of the speedy operating process.

Impressive Battery Life:

Enjoy a 10hr to 13hr long battery with Surface Pro 6, with the help of its 1 lithium-ion battery it ensures that your work and creativity won’t disturb by lower battery problems.

Limited Connectivity Options:

In this aspect, we have a little less fun as this creative hardware only offers a USB-A port. So it might be difficult for you to connect with USB-C devices.

  • The Best Deal For The Money
  • Ideal For Comic Journalists And Specialists
  • Customizable And Ultra-convenient
  • A Bit Expensive

Why is it on our list?

 It’s a very good product ideal for every task from basic everyday computing to digital mark-making and drawing in a digital format. It’s a solution for all.

Microsoft Surface Pro 44.) 2017 Microsoft Surface Pro 4

Next, we have an ultra-compact and independent Intel tablet and laptop. Tight on a budget? This Microsoft Surface Pro 4 is offering excellent functionality at a reasonable price point.

HD Resolution On Big Screen:

The grounded contrast proportion of colors on its big screen shows mind-blowing creativity. It enhances the appearance of your drawing and art pieces. Plus, thin bezels ease the work of word handling and downloading so you won’t get any eye fatigue and tiredness.

The touchscreen display is all you can ask for whenever you get an itch to sketch, draw, color and doodle. The portable 12.3-inch rich color display shows a detailed view by enriching the contrasts and brightness. No screen bleeding.

Improved Quad-Core Processor:

Have to complete some intensive tasks and don’t want to experience system slowdowns? Welcome to the world of influential functioning systems. Windows 10 with an ARM Processor holds a huge impact on the system’s productivity.

Run multiple apps and enjoy faster speeds as it’s a lot quicker at preparing apps. With this, get pretty good internal storage of 4GB RAM and 128GB SSD Drive.

Download all the essential apps such as Expressive Pixels for creating pixel arts, Index Cards to draw on flashcards, Sketchables for basic drawing. sketch, draw, color, and doodle. Draw A Stickman for drawing video games, Procreate for limitless art creativity. The choice is all yours.

Stereo Dolby Audio Enhanced Sound:

Hear the music loud and clear with Microsoft’s stereo speakers. Listening to some music during the work increases the workflow and productivity and its thick bass and organic sound are all you need to have.

Wireless Communication Technology:

Equipped with high-class technology, this ultimate choice for Adobe Illustrator is presenting wireless communication. Connect to other devices without any hassle with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

  • Windows 10 Professional Operating System
  • Bluetooth 4.0
  • 1080p HD Video Recording
  • Not Ultra-portable

Why is it on our list?

With the stylus or pen precision, this top-notch Surface Pro For Drawing works wonders for you. Plus, it’s cover keyboard-&-trackpad combo, you’ll own a lightweight PC substitution without a console.

Microsoft Surface Pro (5th Gen)5.) Microsoft Surface Pro-5th Gen

The Microsoft Surface Pro 5th-Gen holds the award of 2021 top-selling Surface Pro for drawing. Eager to know why? Here are some of its premium quality features.

Lightest And Thinnest Surface Pro:

Carry your mini studio with you throughout the day, the lightweight design with maximum comfort is setting the bar of performance high. With its 3 working modes, get yourself drowned in a sea of creativity.

The well-implemented kickstand is the secret hero to this exceptional adaptability. Use it as per your comfort and liking, and the extensive space of the 12.3-inch  touchscreen offers better motion control, more accuracy control, and route.

High-speed Performance:

The powerful Intel Core i7 processor along with Intel UHD Illustrations Processor allows you to see an extensive improvement in your work.

Providing the best slate for graphic designers, this high-tech feature is exceptionally good for annotating, drawing, or taking notes, conventional processing assignments, and complex spreadsheet capacities.

As 16GB RAM is the best approach to vastly improved performance. Experience the best execution with Intel Core Processor offers.

Surface Pen and A Great Type Cover Console:

Be some classy and creative with the Surface Pen. Because Microsoft stylus offers pen pressure levels of 256, 1024, and up to 2048, that keeps your performance and work stable on the screen. The pen attaches to the surface magnetically.

Plus, its new Alcantra type cover creates convenience in your typing style. And the more extensive glass trackpad puts forward a smoother experience.

Long Battery Life:

Through its longer battery life of up to 13.5 hours, get consistent performance and high-quality longevity in your life. It tends to provide 50% more battery life than its previous models, which is pretty enough.

  • 512GB Of Internal Storage
  • Weighs Only 1.69 lbs
  • Highly Sensitive Touchscreen
  • None

Why is it on our list?

 If you want to acquire high-class functionality and have some extra money in your pocket, this smoother new dark shell is the creative hardware of choice. Moreover, its amazing internal storage helps you to maintain your work quality with several applications.

Microsoft Surface Pro X6.) Microsoft Surface Pro X

Here is the ultimate and latest product by Microsoft. The Surface Pro X is filled with innovative features and sturdiness that will fulfill all your expectations and make your life a lot easier.

Exclusive Ultra-slim Design:

Appearance makes a huge impact, and the look of Surface Pro X surely knows how to win the game. The ultra-light and adaptable device with matte black color attracts the users from the moment.

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An exclusive slim design with thin-edged bezels offers a one-of-a-kind screen that pairs perfectly with your skills. Further, this 13-inch laptop for creatives presents impressive screen space to showcase your talent in the best possible manner.

With the amazing picture quality of 2880 × 1920p, you’ll get a perfect combo of colors and sharp contrasts, resulting in crisp images.

Handles Multitasking Like A Pro:

Powered by Microsoft SQ1 Processor, it’s top line Surface Pro for content creators. Did you know this powerful processor can beat the 8th Gen Intel Core i5 in terms of multitasking and performance?

It enriches the experience of using graphics-rich applications such as Procreate for limitless art creativity, Windows new painting app Fresco, binging on Abstract, Drag Race on Netflix, and much more sketching video games, exclusive digital illustration, and so on.

4G LTE Connectivity:

No Wi-Fi, no worries as this most-favorite Surface Pro of all times is presenting you fast 4G LTE connectivity to let you introduce thousands of wonderful opportunities. With this amazing feature, place a sim card and work efficiently throughout the hours.

Long Powered Battery:

Charge this detachable device for an hour and get the exceptional video playback of 8 hours straight. A lot of unplugged power and tons of productivity are in your way. But be ready to spend a bit more.

  • Holds Latest Windows PC Working Framework
  • A Fine Compact Multitasker
  • Aspect Ratio Is Less Attractive
  • An expensive Surface Pro

Why is it on our list?

 For professional vector artists, the Surface Pro X is the best shot. With natural and effective composing skills, see your magnificent ideas coming together brilliantly.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

How To Get The Ultimate Art Experience With Surface Pro?

If you want to use the Surface Pro alone with no additional accessories, it’s still thumbs up for your work. But to boost the drawing experience, we will recommend you to get the Surface Pen and vastly improved type cover to make it a good working space.

Is Playing Games On Surface Pro A Good Idea?

Sure you can. Whether it’s high-class games like Fortnite, Sims 4, Minecraft, or Grand Theft Auto V. The powerful processor of Surface Pro along with impressive internal storage, play unlimited possibilities and slay the game.

Is Surface Pro Good For Art?

For drawing amazing art pieces, Surface Pro works great with pens. But they’re still expensive, not just you have to spend on the device alone but also spend extra on getting a complete setup as the keyboard and pens are sold separately.

Which Is Better For ArtIpad Or Surface Pro?

Well, we can’t overlook the performance and sleek look of the iPad. But Apple iPad’s are expensive. While with some amazing features and exceptional functionality, Microsoft’s Surface Pro is a considerable choice.

Is Surface Pro Better Than A Laptop?

If you want a proper device to complete your work, Surface Pro can’t replace laptops. The pleasing Surface Pro Tablets are more tablet than a laptop.

Want to g

How To Buy The Best Surface Pro For Drawing – Some Beneficial Tips:

et some expert advice before buying the elite-class Surface Pro For Drawing. Here are some of the essential factors, stated by our experts you should be careful about. It’ll help you in choosing the perfect device following your convenience and requirements.

1.) Highly Sensitive Touchscreen:

The very first thing you must note in these high-tech screens is the sensitivity level of touchscreens. Fast action will help the users to get the job done smoothly with zero screen distortion. Whereas a low-quality touchscreen is likely to get you in trouble as you’ll be dragging on the display non-stop.

Want to save yourself from this nightmare, no problem. Because Microsoft’s PixelSense show multiple users to use the tablet and sharp sensitivity detects the touch within milliseconds.

2.) Portability And Efficiency:

Most commonly people want to buy Microsoft’s Surface Pro for its exclusive portability. Since it’s a lightweight and thin frame, it makes traveling and managing time easier. If you’re looking for something extremely restful, you can consider Microsoft Surface Pro X with zero doubts. It weighs only 1.39 lbs and owns astonishing features.

Not only do you want excellent portability but high-class work efficiency as well. And here comes the processor. Some powerful processors are Intel Core i5, Intel Core i3, and Microsoft SQ1.

3.) Functioning Modes / Adaptability:

The most wonderful thing about Surface Pro is its impressive adaptability. It offers 3 working and entertaining modes to let the users get all of the perks. With its well-designed kickstand, you’re able to use the device as per your comfort. Want a laptop, open the stand and get some strong mileage. You can further get a vastly improved type cover to make it a perfect mini workstation.

Be creative by slightly lowering the stand and holding the Ven better Surface Pen. It will increase the efficiency of the system and sublime palm location with the subtlety of the Pen.

Now close the stand and play less-graphically-escalated games on this stand-alone tablet.

Keep in mind that these are the top factors and reasons you should look for in Microsoft’s Surface Pro. Save yourself from spending on the wrong device.

Few Words:

So far we’ve read the introduction, comparison table, reviews, buying guide, and some FAQs. Which one sounds like a perfect fit to your liking and comfort? Don’t forget to take some guidance from our buying tips as it’ll save you from wrong spending. Are you excited to buy the Best Surface Pro For Drawing? Draw, create and let the world know your magnificent talent for colors.



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