Have you ever tried to use different ports with your laptop? There are multiple ports of the laptop and one of the amazing ones is HDMI. Did you ever think, these versatile ports can do many wonders for you?

Yes, you can connect many things via these ports and one of the most wonderful is connecting a laptop with the TV. Getting amazed? Yes, it is possible! So no need for flabbergasting!

How To Change HDMI Output To Input On Laptop?

HDMI stands for High Definition Media Interface; actually, it allows you to connect the TV screen with a laptop. This is an outstanding way that lets you watch laptop video on a wider screen (as much wider as your television screen is).

HDMI is an exceptional linking cable that transmits video and audio signals from your laptop to the TV; this port connects your big television to your laptop.

Are you wondering how to change HDMI output to the input on a laptop? No worries; this article will guide you about this amazing technique. There are different methods that you can use for this purpose; many of these are mentioned below.

So, let’s start to explore it!

Before moving on; let’s explore what HDMI is and what its benefits are.

What is HDMI – A Versatile and Unique Connection:

Lok, if you have downloaded an amazing movie on your laptop and want to watch it with your friends. What on this small laptop screen? No, there is no charm for it!

Then for sure, you will look for a bigger screen and the wider screen that you have at your home is the only TV.

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Then you will be eager to watch the movie on the TV but how to connect these both devices?

Keep scrolling for the answers but before that, you need to cover more distance and that is to figure out the advantage of HDMI.

Benefits of HDMI – A Multi Featured Port:

The most significant advantage of HDMI is the transmission of data without any loss or insecurity. You can send heavy videos, 4k videos, from one device to another and it was not possible by using any of the previous connection standards.

HDMI is one cable that helps to transmit both audio and video; hence, you get saved from wires tangling and confusion.

Nowadays, the most integral factor is data security; when you are using HDMI. It is an outstanding encrypted system that allows you to transfer the data to the device without getting worried about a data breach. The data remains safe on both devices.

HDMI can also display RGB colors that show you vibrant colors and pictures, previous methods of transmission were not like this.

One more amazing feature of HDM is its compatibility with several other interfaces, formats, and adapters. These accessories help in safe data transfer even in old computers of the market.

Such a useful port; who can deny using this multitasking port?

HDMI Cables:

You can get various kinds of HDMI cables from the market and we are going to elaborate on those below.

1.) HDMI Standard:

This cable lets you enjoy your video at the resolution of 720p or 1080p.

2.) HDMI Ethernet:

HDMI Ethernet contains features similar to the HDMI Standard but it is compatible with 100MBps networks.

3.) HDMI High Speed:

This HDMI high speed is compatible with more bandwidth and high-end resolution; additionally, it also supports 3D images. Isn’t it amazing?

4.) HDMI High-Speed ​​Ethernet:

HDMI high-speed ethernet owns the same characteristics as the previous one but in addition, it has compatibility with 100MBps networks.

5.) HDMI Ultra High Speed:

HDMI ultra-speed is an outstanding cable used by the HDMI 2.1. If the compressed video is being used, it will support 8K and up to 10K.

6.) Do All Laptops have HDMI Input?

Actually, every laptop does not contain HDMI input as many times the HDMI port is used as output.

If all laptops don’t have input cable then what to do?

So here the question pops up, How to Change HDMI Output to Input on Laptop?

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Several useful methods will guide you on this conversion and the most common is the use of adapters.

Why Do You Require a Laptop with HDMI Input?

Before moving ahead, a genuine question pops up in mind: why to use a laptop with HDMI. Though it is the easiest way; still, what is the purpose of this connection? The common reasons are:

  • Many gamers want to display their videos games in 4k display
  • Moreover, they long to opt for their TV decoder output as a laptop screen.

How To Change HDMI Output To Input On Laptop?

If you are going to use your laptop for gaming purposes or watching a movie, HDMI conversion is extremely beneficial. Typically, HDMI used as input and output is the same but don’t forget many of the HDMI cables are connected to your laptop as an output. But you can also reverse it by using several easiest ways (no need to take the help of any professional) as it is all about the cable connection only. Below are some of the straightforward methods that we are going to elaborate on for you.

Connect Your Laptop To Your TV:

Anyhow, nothing is challenging about connecting a laptop with a TV; you just need to link one side of the HDMI cable with the TV and the other corner with the laptop; then you need to perform, some functioning. Click on the correct option on the TV and then your laptop and TV will be connected.

If the video is not working well, you need to check the display setting of the laptop and click on the right option for proceeding with the function.

Connect the Laptop with the Decoder:

You can also convert your HDMI output to input by using a decoder. It is another useful way for watching your favorite channels on a bigger screen. If you do not possess the TV  then you can watch your favorite channels on the laptop just by connecting the HDMI cable with the decoder.

Play Game via Console:

You can play games by using the HDMI port; for this, you only need to link your DHMI with the console.

It means, inert one end into the console and the other end into your laptop, and this way, the direct signals will be transferred to the console. You just need to turn on the console.

So, this is another valuable way to have the HDMI output-input by using your laptop.

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How To Change HDMI Output To Input On Laptop? – An Additional Information

How do I Change my Computer Output to HDMI?

  • Turn off your laptop/ monitor, or TV.
  • Connect HDMI to the laptop and the TV.
  • Turn on the TV and choose the HDMI input option as the source to view.
  • Turn on the laptop now.

How can I Enable HDMI on my Windows 10?

By following the given way, you can set your HDMI as your Windows 10.

  • Go to the volume icon (you will find on the taskbar) and do a right-click.
  • Choose ‘Playback devices’ then you need to open a new Playback tab. On this tab, you can select the HDMI or digital output device option.
  • In this step, you need to check ‘Set Default’ and ten clicks OK, displayed on the pop-up screen. Click OK.

So, here you have done with the setting as your HDMI audio output is activated.

How do I change my all-in-one computer to HDMI?

To change you are all in one computer to HDMI, you need to simply plug in your HDMI output and turn the computer mode: from PC to HDMI.

Now, you need to use the HDMI IN button; this button will change your all-in-one computer to HDMI.

To reverse it back, you again need to hold the HDMI IN button and your conversion will become successful.

Why If Your Laptop Is Not Connecting To Your TV Through HDMI?

To troubleshoot this issue, you need to go to your laptop/PC setting and from the setting, you need to turn your HDMI on as a default setting.

If the image is missing on your TV, you can boot up your laptop/PC with the HDMI cable which is connected to the TV.

Final Words:

The technology is evolving but many people have no idea how to use this developing technology and one of these is the right use of HDMI. It is a unique port that serves the users in many ways and one of those is changing HDMI output to input.

Therefore, this article is giving a detailed note on HDMI, its benefits, and transmission, which is beneficial for beginners as well as tech-savvy.

Are you also longing to know how to change HDMI output to the input on a laptop; this article is also a sweet spot for you. Don’t settle on the low-quality videos, just do a little effort and get mega-fun via HDMI cable!


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