Oh, what is more, depressing than forgetting a charger at home and your laptop has got dead?

Ah, what to do then? Is going back home fair or finding some other solution is more worthwhile?

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How To Charge Dead Laptop Without Charger

Actually, many times it happens that we forget our charger at home or our charger goes out of order and the laptop remains dead for so many days. To deal with this solution, we have done a vast amount of research and brought many worthy tips on how to charge a dead laptop without a charger.

Do you also want to explore those practical tips?

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8 Helpful Methods To Charge The Laptop Without The Charger:

Below are eight easier methods that you can follow to charge your dead laptop; these methods are pretty safe for your laptops.

Let’s explore them!

Methods 1: Using A Power Bank To Charge Your Laptop

If you forget to take a charger with you and have a low battery of your laptop, you can easily plug the USB Type-C ports on your laptop to charge it, however, this will depend on the type of laptop you have.

When there is no other option available, you can use a power bank to charge your laptop in the same way that you charge your smartphone.

The main problem is that some laptops can charge at the power of 8 to 12 volts. However, most power banks can only provide 5 volts, that’s why you need to buy another power bank that provides 12 volts or higher.

The best power bank which you can choose for charging your laptop is Anker’s PowerCore+ 26800mAh PD which generates power around 20 volts easily. Note that some old types of USB Type-C laptops do not charge properly.

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Method 2: Use A Car Battery To Charge Your Laptop

If you can’t afford a power bank, you can try another amazing option which is a car battery. You can charge your laptop through the battery of a car.  Do you know the BESTEK 300W Power Inverter can easily connect to anything which needs the power of up to 300 watts?

Yes! We know it is not enough to operate the power tools, however, it may be enough to charge your laptop faster.

The downfall of this method is, you can not take the power inverter with you. It is a must to leave it from somewhere on the vehicle’s floor. But the positive side is you can take your laptop within as well as outside which is ideal for beginners.

Method 3: Connect With A USB Type-C Adapter

If you are helpless because of a power bank or not connected with the car battery. No worries, we will tell you another technique which is a USB Type-C adapter, where you can easily charge your laptop.

While a small oval-shaped connector of Type A, USB-C is built for the connectivity of high power and also has the ability to conduct more power as well as its speed.

The USB Type-C adapter can charge your laptop the same as the Anker USB C wall charger. However, it will require a plug for a power source while a power source is separated itself.

This is one of the best techniques to charge your laptop through USB-C because the adapter provides a protection that can automatically turn off the charging whenever it detects a high rate of heat or another issue.

If you are looking for the best USB Type-C Adaptor, try Europe Travel Adapter, the features of this adaptor are incredible.

Method 4: Use A Universal Power Adapter To Charge Your Laptop

You can feel fantastic when you know that you can easily charge your laptop without using the official charger of your laptop. If you set the voltage of a universal power adapter too high then you will end up with the battery dead or failing.

However, it generally comes with many other brands which can be supported. Some of the battery packs in the car are charged by the voltage of 12 making them fully flexible.

If you have no idea which adaptor is beating the market, you can explore, UL AC Power Adapter Driver. Its quality, safety, and multitasking standards can help you to charge your laptop by using this multitasking adaptor.

Method 5: Use A Super Battery To Charge Your Laptop

The super batteries are like second or replacement batteries of the laptop. However, they come with many charging cables and can easily replace the original battery of your laptop.

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Make sure when you buy a new super battery that has the proper size and perfectly fits in your laptop. These batteries come in a specific brand, but unfortunately, they do not function properly with your laptop even if it’s made for it.

As you think that this method is expensive and you can’t afford it because it can only be used in emergencies.

Keep scrolling; we have more convenient methods for you so nobody can stop you from making your laptop alive when it gets dead. If the above-mentioned ways have served you, that is great! Yet, you can read the next methods too as these methods will serve you many ways round.

Method 6: Take An Extra Battery On Hand

Laptop brands also sell backups. If you do not have a power source available for your laptop, that case having a backup battery would be comparatively a better approach to have additional power while you are out and about. You can acquire an external battery charger to easily charge your backup battery. These could be plugged in the wall and you could put the laptop battery in the device.

This backup can help you anytime and anywhere; it is a one-time investment that serves you for months. You can simply take out your dead battery and replace it with the backup/external/backup battery.

Method 7: Use A Laptop Battery That Can Be Charged Externally

Similarly, without having your charger, it is a smart plan to charge your laptop utilizing an outside chargeable battery. On the off chance if you need a power saver, or your laptop charger port is defective, then at that point this would be a better alternative.

However, when you get an externally chargeable battery, ensure that you pick that certain brand of battery that goes with your laptop, or otherwise it is more likely you will land up acquiring the wrong one. Usually, these external chargeable laptop batteries have light signals which assist us in identifying the level of the battery

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Method 8: Advantage Of Using Your Phone For Charging The Laptop

This technique is generally utilized as the last chance in case faced by any catastrophe. Most cell phones can function as power banks that can provide power to your laptops.

Your cell phone can not provide power to your laptop for a prolonged time period for clear reasons.

Even if you consume your battery power, you can presumably only manage to power your laptop for thirty minutes. A dead mobile phone battery can basically compensate for thirty minutes of battery power.

This gives a temporary benefit but it is a good option if you don’t have any other alternatives and the situation where you really need to use the laptop immediately. You just simply need a USB Type-C where you can easily connect your laptop with your phone and then select the suitable option and complete it.

Is It Safe To Charge Your Laptop Without Its Official Charger?

Many people feel confused about whether charging a dead laptop without a charger is safe or not. Well, if you are using a method that matches the specification of your laptop’s power and voltage, the method is safe. Otherwise, you should try some more substitution or original charger. This way, your laptop’s battery life will not be affected!

So, this was all about how to charge a dead laptop without a charger. How straightforward is this? Right? Anyhow, don’t miss our take!

Our Takeaway:

Although we can never imagine leaving the laptop charger at home because the after-effects of these mistakes are expected words but being a human being it homes several times in our life. Every time, we can not buy a new laptop.

Therefore, this article contains eight outstanding ways that will help you to get your laptop charge without a laptop charger. You can follow these methods irrespective of the brand of your laptop and it is the happiest news.

The purpose of mentioning 8 tips is to give you vast options so you can try one after another; we hope every hack will work for you. One more thing, we have picked the cheapest methods for you so never hesitate to stick with them.

In the last, we want to remind you, frustration and annoyance can give you huge health risks; hence, if next time this unwanted situation occurs, you can use our mentioned techniques. Stay easy peasy!


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