Are you looking to play your favorite PS4 games on your laptop by using a laptop as a monitor for PS4?

Yes?! Well, we truly understand and appreciate the beast gamer inside you who is not willing to rest until finding out the right solution. To connect the PS4 to the Laptop screen is not going to work like, you connect it into the port and it gets connected. No bro! instead, it is quite a tricky process and has specific requirements.

First, a laptop doesn’t have a 2-way connection, but the port basically works as an output port, and the same is the case with HDMI. But not to worry, here we’ve got you covered. We will discuss the easiest way about how to play PS4 on a laptop with HDMI so that you can enjoy a better gaming experience.

Why You Cannot Connect PS4 Directly With Your Laptop?

This question bothers quite a lot when a gamer finds out it’s not that easy to connect PS4 direct to the laptop. A laptop’s HDMI has the output port and the same is the case with HDMI, that PS4 HDMI features the output port. So connecting it with a laptop is not going to take you anywhere.

So, here we will be discussing two ways about connecting PS4 directly with your laptop. You can pick any method you find better and convenient.

How To Play PS4 On Laptop With HDMI

As we have discussed that laptop and HDMI port work as an output port and video input with the HDMI input is required to connect both devices. Here, we will discuss two ways to connect PS4 with the laptop and those are:

  • Via Remote Play/Streaming Service
  • Using a Video Capture Card
  • Using PS4’s Built-in Recording Function
  • Using OBS Recording Software
  • Via Remote Play Or A Streaming Service

Remote play gives you better control for streaming PS4 with the laptop. For functional requirements, you need a compatible laptop, PS4, Internet Connectivity, HDMI with dual-functioning, Dual Shock remote Controller, Micro-USB

Once you have collected all of these, now here we have to follow the step by step process:

1.) Download the Application:

For streaming PS4 gameplay either on Windows or Mac laptop, download the latest version app from Sony remote play app.

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2.) Activate PS4:

To enable PS4, go to the “Play Station Network” settings, then move to “Account Settings.”

There you need to find the “Activate” option to enable it.

3.) Activate Remote Play Option:

Move to the settings and look for “remote play” settings. Check if it is activated already or not. If not, then turn it on.

4.) Turn on PS4 from Your Network:

Check whether the rest mode is activated or not. Most times, it is enabled by default, but if it is not activated then enable it by going to the “Settings,” the “Power Save Settings,” there enable the “Rest Mode.”

5.) Adjust the Settings:

Once you’re done with the settings, now, you need to move from the remote play app to your notebook. On the corner left, you can find the “Settings” button, there you can customize the settings of per second resolution frames as per your requirement. If you select a high resolution then the laptop will consume more power while playing.

6.) Connect with Dual Shock 4 Controller:

Connect with dual shock 4 controllers to enable the controller in your laptop. For that, follow the steps below.

  • Press share and circular PlayStation keys on the controller until the light bar starts lightening on your controller.
  • Plugin your USB adapter into the laptop and then hold it in “pushing” style for a few seconds to allow the controller to be paired.

7.) Search PS4 Network:

Open the “start” option on your remote plat app and log in to the PlayStation network. It will take you to the home screen of the PS4.

8.) Power Off:

If you want to turn off the PS4, then press the PlayStation key on your DUALSHOCK 4 controller. Now go to the “Power Settings” and select “Rest Mode” to end the connection stream. This last step is a bonus step to make you understand better how to turn off PS4 from remote play mode.

Using a Video Capture Card:

To connect the laptop via remote play or streaming service and through capture card here we have the functional requirements, a notebook, video capture card, a PS4 console, dual-function HDMI.

Here is the step-by-step process to enable the output for gaming consoles and support connecting the Sony’s remote play with a laptop, so that you can enjoy immersive PlayStation gaming.

1.) Install Video Capture Card:

First, plugin and then install the video capture card on your laptop through the USB port.

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2.) Connect with PS4 Console:

Now you need an S-video connection cable to activate the video capture card on your PS4 console. Attach HDMI-in with the video capture card, and HDMI-out with the console.

3.) Turn On The Console:

Turn on the console and run the VCC (video capture card) software on your laptop. The console will appear on the screen and now you can enjoy playing PS4 on your laptop.

Using PS4’s Built-in Recording Function:

You have an option to capture PS4 game by its built-in recording feature when the gameplay is saved into the laptop. Start recording the game that you want and select the share page by pressing the “share” key on your controller.

Now, move to “Advanced Settings” then select “Share Setting,” and then “Broadcast Setting.” There you need to uncheck the option “Include Microphone Audio in the Broadcast,” and start to record voice for gameplay recording. Now you can start playing games that you have selected to record.

To play PS4 on a computer with HDMI without having a video capture card, this technique is going to be quite helpful. By using the built-in recording function you can enjoy streaming your laptop screen.

Using OBS Recording Software:

OBS recording software also offers quite convenient features and most professionals prefer to use this. To access open broadcaster software (OBS) is quite easy to do. All you should do is install a PS4 remote play and then connect it with the PS4.

It will work the same even if you are connecting the PS4 with an average laptop. Now open OBS and move to the “Add a menu” option and select “Window Capture” to start capturing the PS4 gameplay and click on “OK.”

To open OBS will allow you to come across almost every sort of recording result by making customizations in the settings.

What Are Some Tips For Smooth PS4 Connectivity With A Laptop?

Once you have connected your PS4 with the laptop To enjoy a smooth and better playing time, now you are all good to enjoy high graphical games. To have a better gaming experience, you need to connect the audio with the speaker so that you can enjoy great audio as well as graphics.

To play the PlayStation-4 games and to handle the on-screen gameplay better, you should adjust both the complete sound settings and audio outputs settings. The tips mentioned below should be helpful.

  • Check your internet speed:

First of all, a slow internet can ruin the fun of playing. Go to open to check the speed of your internet connection. A minimum of 5 Mbps is suggested by Sony for a smooth gaming experience.

  • Use A Powerful Laptop:
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Connecting the PS4 with an average laptop will waste all the efforts that you had done for playing PS4 on the laptop. To enjoy the state-of-the-art sound quality paired with picture quality it would be best if you consider Sony’s minimum requirement list for PS4 gaming.

  • Adjust Remote Usage Settings on Your PS4:

Adjust the remote usage settings on your PS4 to avoid slowing down the system’s speed while playing. For that, go to “Open Settings” and go for “Remote Usage Connection Settings”,  there you need to enable the Remote Usage Option.

  • Register PS4 on Your PC Manually:

Last, but not least, that you should register PS4 on your PC manually by going to the “Settings.” Scroll down to “Remote Play Connection Settings” and there click on its “Add Device” option. It will provide you a code on your screen and allow you to use it.

A Quick Recap Of The Possibilities:

Okay! So by now, we hope that you have four different methods if you are looking for an answer to how to play PS4 on a laptop with HDMI without interruption. But, for your convenience, here we have a quick recap of the details mentioned above.

We have four methods to connect HDMI with the laptop and you can pick any of them that you find better.

  • Remote Play/Streaming Method: Remote play allows you to control your PS4 console remotely anywhere you have a fast-speed internet connection.
  • Using a Video Capture Card: Plugin the PS4 into the capture card’s HDMI port. Now insert the mini-USB cord into the system.
  • Using PS4’s Built-in Recording Function: You can easily record gameplay in many PS4 games by double-pressing the “share” key on the controller while you’re playing the game. It will record your game for fifteen minutes or you can double-press on the “Share” key again.
  • Using OBS Recording Software: To use OBS recording software, you should need to install a PS4 remote play and then connect it with the PS4.

Final Words:

We have discussed four methods that can help you if you are looking for how to play PS4 on a laptop with HDMI and that too without slowing down the speed. You can pick up any method you find best for you. Hopefully, this guide would be helpful for our readers.


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