What? Did you lose your laptop? Getting upset about your data and huge investment?  Are you wondering whether the serial numbers work for you or not? Ahh, we can feel your panic!

Well, we all are well aware that laptops are one of the useful yet expensive gadgets, so thinking about losing such devices is unbearable.

Many times when you need to take these handy devices to your offices, for meetings, overseas, or different other purposes, the chances of their loss are high!

How to Track A Stolen Laptop by Serial Number?

Yes, a bit of negligence, an absence of mind, or a sharpness of a thief can drag you to the verge of personal and economic loss; your confidential data go at risk.

Gathering your senses and staying relaxed can work for you because different practical ways can help you to locate your laptop. One of those is the serial number!

Yes, a serial number can help you in this regard, but in a limited way only. Are you wondering exactly how it helps you? What are its limitations? What are the ways you need to follow?

Stay along!

This article covers how the serial number can help in tracking your laptop and what other helpful ways are for this purpose?

What Is A Serial Number Of A Laptop?

A unique code that includes alphanumeric and numeric numbers is called a code. Laptops, androids, and iPhones, etc., have these serial codes that are different for every gadget. These are the identities of your devices that are provided by manufacturers.

There are certain purposes of these codes, and one of those is to locate the device if it is lost.

Hence, it is needed to keep the serial number safe as it will help you at the time of need.

Here the question is, where can we find his serial number on our laptop?

How can you find the Serial Number of your Laptop?

  1. When you receive a laptop, it contains its serial number that you need to capture on your mobile or write somewhere on paper for the safe side.
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Usually, at the bottom of your laptop or under the battery compartment, the serial number is pasted. Thus, to find the laptop’s serial number, you need to move your laptop upside-down; otherwise, take out your removable battery and try to locate it over there.

  1. When you buy a laptop, its serial number is also mentioned on the documents. So you can also keep those documents safe.
  2. If you are using Windows 7, 8, or 10, click on ‘detect my device;’ you can also find out the serial number like this.

By following these easier steps, you can figure out the serial number.

How to track a Stolen Laptop by Serial Number?

By considering the ground realities, a serial number cannot help you to determine the exact location of your laptop, but it can assist you a lot, even in notifying the service providers.

The service providers only take a glance at the serial number to know which device is it, as it is manufactured by them, and they also have a detail of this serial number with them.

In this way, a service provider or the law regulation companies can serve you in a better way.

Thus, it is essential to keep the serial number of your laptop with you.

So, until now, we have got that serial number is a blessing for the person who has lost their laptop, but you should not forget that relying only on it can never work. Hence, you need to figure out more ways to pinpoint the location better. More ways can increase the chances to hold your lost laptop again.

What are the Other Ways to Locate your laptop?

If the serial number is not working the way you want, you can measure some other steps, too. Here are a few more applicable ways.

  • Use the software which is already installed
  • Use some default features, i.e. find my device
  • Use the IP address or Mac of your laptop

Let’s find how each of these works.

1.)  Using the Already Installed Tracking Software:

If your laptop is lost, think about the pre-installed software on your laptop, then open that software on your mobile.

If your missing laptop was registered on that software, your mobile would show a lot of post-incident information of your laptop on your mobile.

Keep praying; the thief is not tech-savvy because in these cases, the thief first tries to uninstall all the software to avoid any of the risks. In such cases, you need to be sharper than your thief.

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2.) Using the Device’s Default Tracking Features:

Regardless of whether you are using Mac or your Windows laptop, figure out whether you have a ‘find my phone app’ or not.  This app could be very beneficial for you in tracking your laptop as it keeps you updated about the current location of your laptop.

By cracking the latest location, you can find your stolen laptop. The GPS tracking of your laptop can also help you to track your laptops; try these methods if these work for you.

For this, you can open the same Microsoft credentials to another device. As your laptop is already listed on it, you can click on your device from the devices list, click on the device, and then on the “Find my device” button. You will find this button under that laptop’s name; in this way, you can get all the vital information from there.

3.) Locate the Laptop’s Mac or IP Address:

If you are using Windows or Mac laptops, then you have some more ways for locating your laptops, and those are:


To know the location of the lost laptop, you can use Gmail; follow the given step for ease.

  • Use your login credentials for the web-based version of Gmail.
  • In the upper right corner, you will find the “Details” option click on it.
  • Note down the IP address of the device which is stolen. This IP address will help you a lot.
  • Let the authorities know about the loss.


If the dropbox account is login on your laptop, you can follow the mentioned steps for locating your mobile.

  • Track the IP address of your laptop by using Dropbox.
  • Now you are supposed to log in to your dropbox on the web browser.
  • Tap on “Account.” You will find it next to the “search icon” in the upper right corner of the screen.
  • Now find the “Security” option from the setting; click on it.
  • Take your mouse to the information symbol, click on the “Most Recent Activities” to track your laptop.
  • You can record the IP address from here; it can also work like your serial number. Give this number to the authorities and take their help in tracking.


  • For initiating, you need to log in to your Facebook and then tap on Settings. Here, you need to click on the Security and after that, “Security & Login”.
  • Select “Where You’re Logged In”, and from here you need to hover your cursor over your city.
  • From here, you need to note down the IP address.
  • Thanks to the “Recent Activity”, this function shows the recent activities that include location, time, date, and IP Address.
  • This “Recent Activity Information” can help you loathe your laptop.
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iCloud features anti-theft measures; hence, making an account over it is always a safe deal. It can help you find your laptop with accuracy and precision.

You can use “Find My Mac” to locate your laptop; the steps are below.

  • Tap on “System Preferences” from the dashboard.
  • Log in to your iCloud by entering account information.
  • Enable the Find My Mac option, later tap on “Allow to Confirm.”
  • Now you need to log in to the iCloud website by using Apple ID.
  • In this step, you need to click on Find My Phone and then Missing App.
  • In this way, the location of your MacBook will be displayed.

Aside from the serial number, you can also use these easy-to-use ways. I hope one of these will surely work for your device.

Factors you Need to Consider to Make Sure the Safety of your Laptops:

Prevention always works far better than cures; hence, instead of struggling after losing your laptop, you need to take all measures before.

The following few ways can protect you from losing your laptop.

  • Ensure your laptop/device is registered with the manufacturer
  • Don’t forget to install some tracking software on your laptop
  • Your laptop might have some default features (just like ‘find my device’), don’t forget to enable that.

The above considerations can save you from the big mess, worry, and loss.

Final Words:

A laptop contains a wide amount of your sensitive and personal information. Hence, if your laptop gets stolen, it’s like you have missed a significant portion of your life.

Many experts say a serial number can be useful for this issue; therefore, this article covers detailed information on it.

You need to follow the above-stated steps, but you also need to approach the service providers and the law regulating agencies of your areas.

Moreover, in this miserable situation, aside from the police, you also need to try the above-mentioned ways one after another.

We hope these ways will help you to bring your laptop back.

We are sorry for your significant loss but wish you luck too, as we know the above methods will prove right and work wonders.


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