Are you a freelancer? If yes, then for sure you spend most of your time using a laptop in your bed or couch. If you are not a freelancer, you may love to watch a movie on your laptop lying in your bed.

Actually, we always find a comfortable zone since we start using our laptops in bed, regardless of the reason. But the laptop gets overheated when we use it in our bed.

How to Use a Laptop in Bed without Overheating 

So you need to know the ways to prevent your laptop from heat when you are in bed; actually, when you put your laptop on a mattress, the foam works as an insulator and starts to block the laptop’s vent. So, what your laptop needs are constant airflow!

So the thing is, what are the steps that you need to measure to keep your laptop cool in the bed? Stay along with us to explore the answer.

Before directly jumping on the solution, let’s read the login behind this incident.

Why does a Laptop Overheat in Bed? – The Science Behind It

Many of the laptops have holes at the bottom, these holes are not for the style but their purpose is ventilating the laptop. Many laptops have cooling slots at their sides; even then, placing the laptop on the bed, couch, or any soft surface can prevent air circulation, and the temperature regulation becomes a hurdle.

The laptop fans push the hot air out and bring the cool air in to keep the air in check.

The high temperature of your laptop can affect its performance and lifespan; in critical conditions, it can also catch fire.

When you use your laptop on the couch or bed, it gets warm due to its clogged bottom; eventually, it gets unbearably warm. A similar thing happens when you hold your laptop in your lap; this situation makes your laptop slow, sluggish, and unresponsive.

Hence, temperature maintenance of your laptop is compulsory. Well, how to do it? It’s actually easier than your imagination.

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How to Use a Laptop in Bed without Overheating? – Six Best Tips

Keeping your laptop cool while using it in bed requires certain measures, and those are below.

Each method has its pros and cons, but in the end, they are worthier than reducing the life of your laptop.

Proper ventilation is what your laptop needs if you want to prevent it from overheating. There are a few different methods you can try out, each of them with its own set of Pros and Cons.

1.) Use a Laptop Cooling Pad:

When you want to keep your laptop’s temperature low, cooling pads are worth considering options.

Though these laptop cooling pads are not particularly made for the bed, they really work well.

These cooling pads contain one to five extra fans that constantly work to keep the temperature low. In this way, your laptop remains cool when you are performing long activities or playing games. The use of a cooling pad depends upon its use, the style you are addicted to using your laptop.

For instance, if you keep your laptop on your lap, a cooling pad may not work appropriately, but if you want to keep your laptop on your bed, it will be beneficial for you.

This cooling pad, many times, also works as a stand and offers you a great screen view. Though you need to spend some bucks to buy the cooling fan, it is worth the investment.

If you want to purchase a cost-friendly but reliable laptop cooling pad, you can try Cooler Master NotePal X3.

2.) Use a Laptop Bed Stand:

Laptop bed stands come in different sizes and shapes, as just like a cooling pad, it is another way to keep your laptop cool.

For other benefits, it also includes a plethora of other benefits which are easier for you to use in bed.

The exceptional choice is to use an adjustable laptop stand as compared to a traditional one. These height standards act as a mini-table; you can use them for multitasking.

These efficient laptop stands lift your laptop from the fabric or any other material that can log its air passage. This way, the internal cooling system of the laptop stays maintained.

If we compare cooling pads and laptop stands, stands are more effective and versatile than cooling pads despite not having additional fans.

These laptop stands are favorite methods for many laptop users as they are easy to adjust. If you are perplexed: from where you can get a stylish and ergonomic laptop cooling stand? Try Twelve South Curve for MacBooks and Laptops. You can use this latest design stand for multiple purposes.

3.) Use the Hard Surface:

Here we have another useful yet free-of-cost method, elevating the laptop from the bed fabric.

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The most significant reason behind it is preventing the laptop from heat. There are several methods to lift the laptop from the fabric without buying the dedicated gears (though they are also less expensive); for this, you can use a bunch of your spare books, or you can take the help of your spare board game boxes.

These hard surfaces help for appropriate airflow, but using the laptop in the fabric or blanket will thrush you towards the overheating issues.

Apart from this, you can use a pile of any handy things that can keep your laptop away from the fabric (blocks the laptop breathing) or anything that hurdles its vents.

A plastic casing can also be helpful (first ensure it doesn’t get hot); a wooden cutting board, a plastic tray, or any small stool can also elevate the laptop and assure it in dissipating the heat.

Though this method ventilates the air appropriately, it isn’t as comfortable and safe as the above two. Still, if you want to save money, you can go with this method.

Do you want some more solutions on How to Use a Laptop in Bed without Overheating? Keep reading!

4.) Clean The Vents Or Exhaust Area:

If you are longing to use your laptop in bed for longer hours, you must clean its exhausts.

Basically, vents help in the air exchange; the warm air produced by the fans goes out from the laptop. Many times, the laptop’s fans blow out the air, but the fans’ grime doesn’t let the air out and laptops become overheated. Hence, you need to clean the laptop appropriately.

5.) Service The Laptop:

If your laptop is overheating in your bed, it might be due to some internal issues; hence, you need to figure out when you got it serviced last time. Is it more than 6 months? You need to rush for service then because your laptop needs service after 6 months.

If your laptop needs service, no other method will work for reducing the overheating issues. Buying a cooling pad or bed stand will not work until it’s not properly serviced.

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You can do a laptop service on your own, too. Unscrew your laptop and use an air vacuum or air blow for its cleaning. There are numerous delicate components in the laptop, so ensure they are not getting damaged.

Even if you buy a cooling pad, it will surely not help you. If you want to do it by yourself, it sounds good. Unscrew the laptop and clean it with air blow or vacuums. Make sure all the components do not get damaged.

If you haven’t brought the cooling pad or laptop stands to your home, bring them. Trust me; you will feel you have made the best decision; actually, it will increase your productivity, peace, and laptop cooling.

6.) Hook the Laptop to your TV:

One more tip, actually a bonus tip is to use a laptop by connecting it to the TV as we all have TVs in our homes, so you can connect your laptop with the TV through Bluetooth or by using an HDMI cable.

Then you will get an edge to put your laptop on the TV stand or any of the closest desks; this way, you don’t need to keep your laptop in the bed but far from you.

This tip comes with a mini drawback, you need to go a bit closer to see smaller texts flashing on the screen. Otherwise, it is one of the handiest, straightforward, and cheapest solutions.

Final Words:

A heated laptop in bed is the biggest problem that nobody should ignore. It can be the biggest hurdle for your creativity and productivity as it can make your laptop unresponsive and even reduce its lifespan. Ultimately, it will affect your peace.

Yes, using a laptop on a proper desk is always ideal, but we cannot deny the peace that we get by sitting in the bed and using the laptop.

For maintenance of your comfort zone, this article covers all the fundamental ways that you can measure to keep your laptop’s temperature regulating system maintained.

We hope your confusion about How to Use a Laptop in Bed without Overheating is resolved!

In the end, we love to repeat, buying a bed stand is the most recommended option as it can keep your laptop cool and meanwhile reduce your back pain and maintain your posture. Isn’t that what you want?


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